Dynamic Dent is locally owned, family operated and we will repair your hail damaged car with our simple process with guaranteed results

*We work with all insurance companies

*Contact us immediately to start the claims process with your insurance

*Repairs are guaranteed to be fully covered by your insurance

*No out of pocket cost on approved claims with discounts

*Your insurance rates won't increase for a hail damage claim

*Rental car will be provided by your insurance or us at no cost

*Hail repairs are not reported to CarFax

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*Lifetime Warranty on all repairs

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair is the process of repairing any dent related damage on your vehicle this could be door dings, hail damage, or even larger dents from collision.  A highly trained PDR technician will use a set of uniques tools designed to access the dent/s from the backside of the metal panel and then slowly massage and push reshaping the dented panel restoring the area to it’s pre-damaged condition.  If this process is performed by an expert, whether the dent is large or small, it can be entirely restored.


Why should you repair with PDR?

Unlike the usual body shop repair, PDR does not harm the vehicles factory finish therefore maintaining your vehicles value.  PDR repairs tend to be much faster than a typical body shop repair.

paintless dent repair dallas.png