Common Types of Vehicle Dents

When you notice a new dent on your vehicle, you often wonder how it got there. Different kinds of impacts create different kids of dents. When looking at a dent on your car, you can often find one of the following types: 

Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are caused by a strong impact, usually by a small item. Sharp dents are most often caused in parking lots by shopping carts, another vehicle’s doors, or wind blowing objects into your vehicle. Due to the metal being stretched outwards, sharp dents usually leave a high spot with a deep “valley”. 

Creased Dents

Creased dents occur when something (a vehicle, bicycle, tree branch, trailer, etc.) brushes up and drags against the side of your vehicle. Creased dents show themselves by forming a straight line at the bottom of the dent. 

Round Dents

Round dents are caused by a round object, usually while your vehicle is stationary. This may include a sport ball or hail. These dents tend to be round and wide in appearance. 

Extreme Dents

Extreme dents usually occur when your vehicle collides with something large (i.e. another vehicle or mailbox) at a quicker speed, or by a person just leaning against it. Extreme dents often look unrepairable, however, with the proper tools and expertise they can be fully repaired. 

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No matter the reason for the dent, Dynamic Dent Auto Hail Solutions in Lewisville, Texas, is here to repair it. We are your go to repair shop for any and every kind of dent. Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) service is always available to repair your vehicle. 

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