How to Spot Hail Damage

Living in North Texas means you see your fair share of hail in the weather. At Dynamic Dent Auto Hail Solutions we specialize in repairing your hail damaged vehicle with our simple process with guaranteed results. One of the largest benefits to repairing hail damage, in addition to aesthetics, is resale value. If it has been hailing it is important to be able to spot and properly identify hail damage to your vehicle, so you can get it repaired properly. 


Dents are the first thing to look for if you suspect hail damage to your vehicle. Dents can be located anywhere, but specifically check the trunk, doors and sides of the vehicle, and the hood. Any dent, major or minor, could be from the hail storm. You should also double check doorjambs. If the doorjamb is stuck or dented, that could also be a result of hail damage. 

Cracked Glass

Secondly, check for broken or cracked glass. The most obvious glass to check would be the windshield, but be sure to inspect the windows and mirrors as well. Severely cracked glass can shatter while you are in the vehicle posing a safety risk to you and your passengers. It also impairs your vision while driving. 


Lastly, check your mirrors. Are they still there? Depending on the severity of the hail storm, the hail may have knocked your side mirrors off. If your mirrors are still there, check the joints to make sure they are still properly attached to your vehicle. You absolutely do not want your mirrors shaking or falling off while you are driving down the road. 

If you find your vehicle with any dents from hail damage, let us repair it for you! Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can repair any dent related damage on your vehicle. By repairing your vehicle with PDR you save time you could spend doing other things. PDR repairs tend to be faster than your average body shop, and unlike a body shop, PDR does not harm your vehicle’s finish! 

We at Dynamic Dent Auto Hail Solutions in Lewisville look forward to working with you soon!