Where Does Hail Come From?

Hail storms in North Texas are a matter of fact. You cannot always be sure when they will strike, but you can guarantee at some point they will. 

But how does hail form? 

Hail is formed when the winds going into a thunderstorm carry a raindrop into the cold air of the upper levels of the atmosphere. This causes the raindrop to freeze and a small ball of ice is created. 

Okay, how does hail grow in size? 

Hail grows when it encounters raindrops that are “super cooled.” Super cooled water means the temperature of the water is below freezing, but it has not frozen yet. When the super cooled water comes into contact with the hail they bond, thus making the size of the hail larger. 

So what determines how big the hail gets?

The stronger the winds that are going into the thunderstorm, the higher the hail will lift. This give it more time to connect with super cooled water and expand in size. As long as the wind keeps lifting it, it will keep expanding. When the hail finally gets to heavy for the wind, it will fall. 

It hailed, my car is damaged! What do I do? 

We’re glad you asked! Dynamic Dent Auto Hail Solutions, located in Lewisville, Texas is here for you every step of the way. With our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) system, we can repair any hail related damage your vehicle acquires. Often times, we even repair hail damage faster than a typical body shop, saving you time. 

How does PDR work? 

A highly trained PDR technician will use a set of unique tools designed to access the dent/s from the backside of the metal panel. The technician will then slowly massage and push to reshape the dented panel, restoring it to it’s original glory. 

Dynamic Dent - June 1.jpg

We all know hail is unpredictable, making it hard to plan for, but with us, Dynamic Dent Auto Hail Solutions, the fear after the storm is gone!